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Hello I'm David Hepworth.

This site provides a point of contact, particularly for people who want to pay me. There's a blog here that I try to keep as up to date as possible. You can email me here. You can find out about some of the things I do in the different sections on the menu. I'm old enough to realise that you are the sum total of people's ideas about you, some of which are almost true. Here's a few.

* I don't know what a "magazine guru" is but I have done a lot of consulting for magazine companies and write a magazine column for The Guardian. Yes, I was the bloke Bob Geldof swore at at Live Aid - but he never said "give us your fucking money".

* If you're wondering, I'm the short northern one. Mark Ellen is the tall southern one.

* I love the Beatles, Bob Dylan, Sam Cooke, Bob Marley, Bruce Springsteen, Joni Mitchell and lots of other people but I'm more liberal in my musical tastes than most of the people I know.

* I'm the guy that Radio Four ring when they want a comment on anything that pertains to pop  music, particularly the old stuff.

* When I was young I appeared half-naked in a fringe theatre version of As You Like It.

* Colleagues call me "Dave", family and friends call me "David", people who aren't sure call me "Mr Hepworth" in a faintly satirical tone.

* I am one of the two founding partners of Development Hell Ltd. an independent magazine publisher which publishes The Word and MixMag.

* I won the battle of the media at the Media 360 conference in 2005 and have these awards: Editor of the Year, Writer of the Year and the Mark Boxer Award among others.

* I hired Neil Tennant as a writer at Smash Hits for £8,000
a year.

* I set good quizzes.

* I think I was the person who pointed out that "dark and edgy" was a new cliché.

* I have launched quite a few magazines but not Smash Hits, which was a few months old when I joined.

* I am not the Rocking Vicar but I do sit on his parish council.

* Although people think I'm really good at making presentations, the truth is I just work harder at them than most people do.


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